Smart Tips to Keep your Air Conditioning System in Top Shape 

   Our air conditioning system is definitely one of the luxuries that we enjoy in this modern time. Our air conditioning system gives us the benefit of comfort when the temperature or environment outside is very harsh. It either keeps our home environment cool in summer, and it can make it warm when it is winter outside. 

     With the importance of our air conditioning system, we have to maintain its good condition. Not only for the sake of doing so but because it gives us a lot of benefits. Maintaining the good condition of the components would allow them to work more efficiently, saving you money on bills and also, it preserve and prolong its life. To help you do this task, here is a list of smart tips to keep your air conditioning system in top shape.  

  1. Turn off the machine

One of the easiest way to preserve the good condition of a machine, it to turn it off and cut off the source of electricity if it not used. Anything that works because of the energy of electricity must be handled with caution, and you have to decrease the chances of accidents related to this by plugging out components like the air conditioning unit. This will also save you money because when an appliance is plugged in even without being used, it is still eating away electricity. 

  1. Removing Debris

Another smart way to maintain your air conditioning unit is by removing debris, particularly in the exterior compressor. Remove the fan grill by using a wrench or screw driver; it is better to also clean this component afterward. Examine the insides and remove by hand any debris that seems to be stuck, like small stones and leaves. 

  1. Maintain the Fins

Another important component to take care is the fins of your air conditioner. It is located outside and is near the compressor; it is called fins because it looks like a grill of metals. Metal fins are an integral part of the condenser, and they are important to maintain because they help disperse heat quicker, hence, helping the air conditioning unit to work more efficiently. 

To maintain the fins, clean by using the brush attachment of vacuums, to remove the outer dust and dirt. Then clean the insides by spraying it gently with a garden hose, using a commercial cleaning spray alongside the water from the garden hose would do well. 

Fins also tend to acquire damage from flying small debris, which causes the grills to bent sideways. Straighten this by using a butter knife, so that the air would flow more freely. If you feel that the fins are too damaged, feel free to call for help, contact professionals like Spring Hill air conditioning repair.  

  1. Protect the Unit

Aside from doing minor repairs and cleaning the unit, it is also important to protect it from further damage or dirt. Do this by clearing the area that surrounds your air conditioning unit; cut branches or any vegetation with a meter away from the unit. It is also better to place a square piece of plastic or plywood on the top of the unit, to prevent debris from going inside. 

Signs You Need to Clean Your Air Duct

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a clean house, so make sure that your windows and floor are clean, the walls spotless, and the air is purified – thanks to your HVAC. But what if we tell you that the areas you do not see every day, especially your air ducts are the most favorite spots of dirt, dust and other allergens? This is you need  air duct cleaning Birmingham, AL to make sure that your air duct is as clean as you want it to be.  



Cleaning your air duct is one of the house maintenances that you need to do. However, make sure that you ask for help from the professionals who know the process and knowledge about HVAC. Ideally, look for a certification of NADCA or National Air Duct Cleaners Association. But, how would you know that it is now time to call a service? What are the signs that your air duct needs cleaning? 



  1. Your air duct has not been cleaned for several months

Summer has already begun, and this means a lot of dust, pollen, debris, and other contaminants. Your air dust is the one that keeps your house and your lungs free from these air contaminants. During hot times, you should not let your air duct uncleaned for more than two months. These debris, dust, and other pollutants accumulate in your air filter or in the air conditioner that negatively affects your appliances.  


  1. You notice some dust on the vent covers and registers

Even if you perform cleaning once a week, dirty ducts would always find ways to reveal themselves to you, which will make you wonder if you have ever done cleaning at all. 


Pro tip: when you do weekly maintenance but still end up seeing dirt, it is advised that you choose the best quality air filter or air purifier.  


  1. You notice some molds growing around or inside your HVAC system

Dirt, dust, and small debris accumulation is a normal case. You just need to clean and remove them. However, when molds are present, it is a different story. The molds can induce some respiratory problems and allergies. So when you notice them, it is now time to do some action. 


  1. The system produces noise

The ductwork should not create any noise. If the noises are more than the motor’s blower, this is a telltale sign that you need to fix and clean your air duct 


  1. The airflow is not consistent

When you notice that rooms in your house do not get the same level of airflow, you probably have some problems in your air duct that needs attention. All vents are expected to provide consistent airflow to any rooms in the house. 




There are a lot of telltale signs of a dirty air duct. What we have provided above are the most obvious among the other signs. When you decide to clean your system, make sure that you let the professional do the work.

How to Remove Ice and Snow on Your Lawn Yourself?

During or after a harsh and long winter season, it is just right to look for ways to tackle ice and snow without overdoing it. If that’s what you’re searching for in this article, keep on reading as our professional lawn contractors Merced provide you some helpful tips on how to do DIY ice and snow removal. 

Plan in advance 

If your driveway is concealed with snow and you need to go somewhere, before you grab the shovel, get a coat, and run outdoors, you should think twice and stop for a moment. Keep in mind that removing snow is not a simple thing to do. Hence, a little planning and preparation will go a long way to keep you safe. It would be a great idea to be updated about the local forecast. For instance, once you’re aware that it will snow tomorrow, take advantage of this weather by spreading salt all over your driveway and sidewalk now. 

After the falling of snow, you should get ready by dressing warmly, particularly on your feet, hands, and heat. You should wear layers in case you begin to overheat or sweat as you shovel. Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. Once you don’t own a snowblower, you can opt to buy a quality ergonomic shovel. Also, keep in mind to lift your legs and not your back. When you run into ice, a sprinkle of kitty litter and sawdust can help enhance traction. Also, if you begin to feel tired, it would be best to halt what you’re doing. You need to work smart, not hard in these situations. 

Eliminating ice dams 

The roof’s melting snow could freeze at the edges, which could cause possibly hazardous and damaging ice dams. Once you’re up to this challenge, here are the things you need to do: 

For a gently sloping or flat roof, it would be safe to utilize a shovel. If not, choose a roof rake from your local hardware shop and remove the last few feet of snow carefully from the edge of your roof.  

With calcium chloride deicer, fill your nylon pantyhose. Make sure to never utilize regular sodium chloride or rock salt since this can damage your gutter and roof.  

Conceal any plants or grass below the gutter with tarps. This can keep your vegetation from becoming damaged due to the ice melt. 

Vertically place the pantyhose over the ice dam. This will aid melt a tiny passage through the ice. To reiterate, you should be careful about doing this yourself.  

Keep your roof free of accumulation and your gutters clean after the snowfalls. This can help form the ice dams.  

 Those are only some of the many tips you can learn in terms of removing ice and snow on your lawn. And obviously, ice and snow are only a portion of winters in some areas. If you wish to learn more tricks and tips on lawn care, connect with the lawn experts at Lawn Care Merced,