How to Remove Ice and Snow on Your Lawn Yourself?

During or after a harsh and long winter season, it is just right to look for ways to tackle ice and snow without overdoing it. If that’s what you’re searching for in this article, keep on reading as our professional lawn contractors Merced provide you some helpful tips on how to do DIY ice and snow removal. 

Plan in advance 

If your driveway is concealed with snow and you need to go somewhere, before you grab the shovel, get a coat, and run outdoors, you should think twice and stop for a moment. Keep in mind that removing snow is not a simple thing to do. Hence, a little planning and preparation will go a long way to keep you safe. It would be a great idea to be updated about the local forecast. For instance, once you’re aware that it will snow tomorrow, take advantage of this weather by spreading salt all over your driveway and sidewalk now. 

After the falling of snow, you should get ready by dressing warmly, particularly on your feet, hands, and heat. You should wear layers in case you begin to overheat or sweat as you shovel. Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. Once you don’t own a snowblower, you can opt to buy a quality ergonomic shovel. Also, keep in mind to lift your legs and not your back. When you run into ice, a sprinkle of kitty litter and sawdust can help enhance traction. Also, if you begin to feel tired, it would be best to halt what you’re doing. You need to work smart, not hard in these situations. 

Eliminating ice dams 

The roof’s melting snow could freeze at the edges, which could cause possibly hazardous and damaging ice dams. Once you’re up to this challenge, here are the things you need to do: 

For a gently sloping or flat roof, it would be safe to utilize a shovel. If not, choose a roof rake from your local hardware shop and remove the last few feet of snow carefully from the edge of your roof.  

With calcium chloride deicer, fill your nylon pantyhose. Make sure to never utilize regular sodium chloride or rock salt since this can damage your gutter and roof.  

Conceal any plants or grass below the gutter with tarps. This can keep your vegetation from becoming damaged due to the ice melt. 

Vertically place the pantyhose over the ice dam. This will aid melt a tiny passage through the ice. To reiterate, you should be careful about doing this yourself.  

Keep your roof free of accumulation and your gutters clean after the snowfalls. This can help form the ice dams.  

 Those are only some of the many tips you can learn in terms of removing ice and snow on your lawn. And obviously, ice and snow are only a portion of winters in some areas. If you wish to learn more tricks and tips on lawn care, connect with the lawn experts at Lawn Care Merced, 

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